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The Virtual Linguistics Campus (VLC) is the world's largest e-learning platform for linguistics and language studies. The VLC offers fully certified linguistic courses and course material for theoretical and applied linguistics as well as educational technology. Furthermore, it includes a variety of linguistic tools and all the communicative facilities necessary for successful e-learning.

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Site announcements

Language Index Update: now more than 500 entries, accessible via maps or list search.

by Juergen Handke -

The VLC Language Index repository is available to all VLC users via automatic enrolment. All data is licensed as CC BY and can thus freely be used for further research, use in class or simply to find out more about the languages of the world. The VLC Language Index is updated and expanded on a regular basis.

Invitation to all VLC users: Become a speaker! Represent your language on the VLC. Here are the instructions.

Linguistic Fieldwork

by Juergen Handke -

With Arabic, Jamaican Creole, Japanese and Welsh, the VLC now hosts four exploratory fieldwork classes - all free, open, certified and withou fees. And packed with multimedia material.

Linguistic Repetition Class

by Juergen Handke -

On 20 May 2021, "VLC204 - Linguistic Repetition for Students of English" was activated: a collection of linguistic modules/topics especially designed for exam preparation, oral as well as written.

Exploratory Fieldwork Courses

by Juergen Handke -

On 20 April 2021, the first of two linguistic fieldwork courses was activated: Welsh. This online course allows studnets to exßlore a language from scratch by applying linguistic fieldwork methodologies: "A true linguistic game", as one user remarked.

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