This component hosts regular open online courses and materials for Applied Linguistics. These courses consist of 10 to 15 units (workload ca. 90 to 150 hours), they are certified, they do not involve any fees and they are ready for self-enrollment. Each of these courses can be used as a customized version ready for full curricular integration.

This repository/course provides the theoretical and descriptive foundations for the investigation and solution of language-related problems, especially those of language use, but also problems of psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, forensic linguisics and historical linguistics. As a consequence, VLC300 tends to be interdisciplinary in many ways.

The hybrid name psycholinguistics reflects a truly interdisciplinary endeavour.

  • Linguists are engaged in the formal description of language
  • Psycholinguists attempt to discover how the underlying structures are used in the processes of speaking, understanding and remembering, and how they are acquired by children.

These insights determine the way in which this class is organized: Part I discusses central issues in speech production and perception. Part II deals with the most important aspects of language acquisition. The third part is dedicated to some selected aspects of neurolinguistics and cognitive linguistics.