This repository/course is intended to familiarize the participants with the main structural properties of PDE (Present-Day English) grammar. It starts with a review of linguistic approaches to grammar and then discusses the central grammatical aspects of PDE sentence structure: syntactic categories and syntactic functions. A unit on PDE orthography concludes the course. Thus, it is the class for everyone who is involved in teaching or studying English in one way or another.

This repository/course covers the history of the English language from its remote Indo-European origins (and even before) to the present day.

It provides substantial information about the English language at different periods and applies the main theoretical and technical concepts of historical linguistics, taking into account recent work in historical and general linguistics. To satisfy the needs of the current secondary school curriculum in many countries, its main focus, however, is Early Modern English. In order to successfully apply the main concepts of historical linguistics it is recommended to work through the VLC202 repository "Historical Linguistics" beforehand or in parallel with VLC203.

Special emphasis will be put on practical aspects, such as, reading and the analysis of texts taken from different periods of English.