Under this category the VLC hosts courses in General Education.

Nearly all branches of public life have been introducing digital methods into their daily routines with one exception: teaching and learning. Teachers and learners of all levels have by and large been stuck in 20th century teaching scenarios that dispense with the principles of digitization.

In this class, Prof. Handke, one of Germany’s leading experts of digital teaching and learning, first identifies the digital elements, scenarios and formats that not only solve numerous problems of traditional teaching and learning but will also be beneficiary in many ways. Using an integrative model of digitization he will not only show how new digitized course formats enrich teaching and learning are used but will also embark on creating them, thus leading to more individualization and higher degrees of flexibility.

Dieser "Kurs" dient zur Schulung bei der Erstellung eigener Inhalte für die asynchrone digitale Lehre.

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